Welcome to the Watir Podcast. In this episode of the Watir Podcast, we talk to Chris McMahon, an experience Watir developer that (may have been) was giay nam dep 2018 the first watir tester to use it in production. công ty thiết kế website hàng đầu việt namYou can listen to this ...


The initial version of the Watigiri gem has just been released. Watigiri is an add-on to Watir that allows actions to be taken using Nokogiri (an HTML parser that uses native C or Java libraries) instead of Selenium in the places it makes sense
watirpodcast tim kiem cong ty chuyen cung cap dich vu seo toi denWe are proud to be a part of Testing Podcast family. Phụ kiện sinh nhật TPHCMYou can find audio podcasts on software testing there. All of them.

Ruby is an excellent language in which to write automated browser tests. It is easy to read, fun to use, and has dozens of different gems that do all kinds of different things that make it easier to write and maintain test suites at all levels of complexity. We’d like to improve how some of these gems work together and be able to provide a packaged collection of code that makes it easier for people to ramp up their automated test suites

Project owners will be on hand to answer questions or provide deep dives into the code bases. Options for exploration will include things like: test data management, session configuration, mobile APIs, page modeling and project scaffolding.

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