Croatia Survive With the Best of All Possible Result


Now the national team that will soon be home from Brazil increased to 3 teams. Previously Australia and Spain get bitter defeat and should step aside quickly and Cameroon add to the list becomes longer. Manaus stadium has been witness to Croatia who managed to make four goals to Cameroon cage. Team of Cameroon played with only ten players and presents a bad game.
A goal scored by a team of Croatia in the 11th minute after Ivica Olic made a beautiful goal. Goal is to make the position lasted until the first round is almost over. But it all changed when Alex Song was sent off in the 40th minute by the referee for hitting Mario Mandzuric. And in the 48th minute from a goal kick Croatia successfully printed from Ivan Perisic.
In minutes 61 a shot from Mandzukic scored Croatia managed to add to the collection. All players used this strategy to make a goal also being conducted. Attacking game and teamwork to make a goal in minute 73 increases created by Mandzukic.
At the end of the game the game Cameroon continues to get worse after several players involved in the altercation. Even embarrassing events that make supporters feel the heat when Benjamin Moukandjo gets a header from Benoit. All the more severe after the captain of the team are injured and had to leave the field.
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