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14, June 2017

#27 Angrez Singh on FireWatir

#27 Angrez Singh on FireWatir#27 Angrez Singh on FireWatir

The Angrez (English : “The English or The Foreigner) is a 2005 Hyderabadi Indian comedy movie directed by Kuntaa Nikkil. In this movie, the word “Angrez” refers to English people and non-resident Indians. The movie was a trend-setter at that time, as it was one of the first to effectively and humorously, often resorting to the slapstick kind, portray the dialect of the Old City, Hyderabad and the Hyderabadi tongue.[2][3] The film also portrays the fascination for American materialism, the hype around the IT industry and the lifestyle and culture it has spawned.

#27 Angrez Singh on FireWatir


While visiting the old city, Pranay and Rochak meet Ismail’s gang at a hotel in the old city. Ismail’s gang gets into a spat with Pranay and Rochak.[5] Rochak and Pranay are guided to safety by their guide as they are chased by the Ismail bhai gang. While Pranay and Rochak are engaged in love affairs in their office, Ismail bhai and his gang keeps planning a strategy to seek their revenge.[6]

Meanwhile, Ramesh, Pranay’s cousin (who is also their butler) colludes with Mama, the typical gangster of the Hyderabadi underworld, to kidnap Pranay for ransom. Mama and his goons take up the assignment and the plan is set in motion.

Ismail Bhai is still enraged as he believes that the harmless spat is now a matter worth dying for and is a matter of his Izzat (honour).[7] On the other side of the town, Mama and his gang enter the residence of the NRIs, at the same time the Ismail bhai gang after sniffing out their whereabouts go into the NRI’s house at night to seek their revenge and restore Ismail bhai’s image. Mama and gang mistakenly kidnap Rochak. Ismail Bhai and gang return from their mission failing as usual. Rochak finds out the mastermind behind the kidnapping and bribes the guard and warns Pranai of his cousin’s intentions.[7]

Ismail Bhai and Mama gang have a brush against each other. Pranay and Rochak succeed in making the two gangs fight against each other and manage their escape. As Mama and his gang is nabbed by the Hyderabad Police, Ismail bhai and gang returns to Charminar after being heavily assaulted by Mama and his goons. And life, in Hyderabadi style, goes on as usual for the Ismail Bhai’s gang.[7]