Welcome to the Watir Podcast. In this episode of the Watir Podcast, we talk to Chris McMahon, an experience Watir developer that (may have been) was giay nam dep 2018 the first watir tester to use it in production. công ty thiết kế website hàng đầu việt namYou can listen to this ...

14, June 2017


Charley Baker and Željko Filipin talk with Tom Copeland (programmer for InfoEther, lead developer of SafariWatir, system administrator of RubyForge.org) about SafariWatir, watirspec, RubyForge.org, Gemcutter, GitHub, other podcasts Tom recorded, how to raise 7 kids

While we were recording the podcast Tom released SafariWatir 0.3.7. While he is typing, you can hear Oh So Fabulous song in the background.

Music at the beginning and the end of the podcast is All My Little Words. Both songs are by Chad Fowler.