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14, June 2014

#35 Željko Filipin on Watir Stack Exchange Site

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A big thank you to Tiffany Fodor for editing the audio and for show notes.

Show notes:

0:15 Introduction
2:15 Watir News
2:15 Watir Podcast Team
3:50 Watir Stack Overflow ad
5:00 Watir Podcast is 2 years old!
5:20 Chrome Watir support has been removed from Watir
5:55 Watir-Webdriver
7:15 Zeljkos blog post on Webdriver installation
7:35 Google Pacman Watir script
8:45 Stack Exchange Site
10:50 History Stack Overflow
12:50 Creating Stack Exchange site for Watir
13:25 How Stack Exchange works
15:45 Achievements, badges and reputation
17:50 Stack Exchange versus Google Groups
18:45 Similar questions are displayed
21:10 Voting on questions and answers
24:05 Tags
24:35 Stack Exchange questions and answers as documentation
27:15 RSS feeds
29:05 Site acceptance
34:35 Stack Exchange Watir site focus
41:45 Help us create the Watir Stack Exchange community!
43:25 Replacing Watir Stack Overflow and Google Group sites with Stack Exchange
46:45 Marking questions as duplicates/related
51:20 Next phases Commit and Beta
52:55 Ask and reply to your own questions
54:55 Formatting
56:30 Closing