Welcome to the Watir Podcast. In this episode of the Watir Podcast, we talk to Chris McMahon, an experience Watir developer that (may have been) was giay nam dep 2018 the first watir tester to use it in production. công ty thiết kế website hàng đầu việt namYou can listen to this ...

14, June 2014

#35 Željko Filipin on Watir Stack Exchange Site

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A big thank you to Tiffany Fodor for editing the audio and for show notes.

Show notes:

0:15 Introduction
2:15 Watir News
2:15 Watir Podcast Team
3:50 Watir Stack Overflow ad
5:00 Watir Podcast is 2 years old!
5:20 Chrome Watir support has been removed from Watir
5:55 Watir-Webdriver
7:15 Zeljkos blog post on Webdriver installation
7:35 Google Pacman Watir script
8:45 Stack Exchange Site
10:50 History Stack Overflow
12:50 Creating Stack Exchange site for Watir
13:25 How Stack Exchange works
15:45 Achievements, badges and reputation
17:50 Stack Exchange versus Google Groups
18:45 Similar questions are displayed
21:10 Voting on questions and answers
24:05 Tags
24:35 Stack Exchange questions and answers as documentation
27:15 RSS feeds
29:05 Site acceptance
34:35 Stack Exchange Watir site focus
41:45 Help us create the Watir Stack Exchange community!
43:25 Replacing Watir Stack Overflow and Google Group sites with Stack Exchange
46:45 Marking questions as duplicates/related
51:20 Next phases Commit and Beta
52:55 Ask and reply to your own questions
54:55 Formatting
56:30 Closing