Welcome to the Watir Podcast. In this episode of the Watir Podcast, we talk to Chris McMahon, an experience Watir developer that (may have been) was giay nam dep 2018 the first watir tester to use it in production. công ty thiết kế website hàng đầu việt namYou can listen to this ...

14, June 2015

#41 Dave McNulla 2/2

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Music at the beginning and the end of the podcast is by George Sanders from Portland, Oregon.

Show notes:

0:40 Introduction.
1:07 Which OS does he prefer?
4:16 Is there anything in Watir he would like to be improved or changed?
5:23 Did he use any other tool for testing web applications?
6:17 Does he have his own framework for running Watir tests?
6:40 Fixtures for Watir.
8:17 Felipe does not like DSLs.
10:02 What language is the web application written in?
11:26 What does he do when he is not at a computer? Missions, Spurs
12:02 Does he listen to podcasts?
12:49 Closing thoughts.
13:39 It would be nice if people asking for Watir support treat it like a bug report.
14:45 He does not have the time to maintain a blog, but he is @dmcnulla on Twitter.
17:02 He is not even close to our record in the number of kids (and Felipe and I are even further away).
18:20 Closing.
18:58 A few words about conferences.
19:55 A few words in Portuguese and Croatian.